Beginners Course

Beginner's Course

Next 10 week course is on hold for the time being.

This course is for complete beginners or those who would like to restart their yoga after an extended break. To get the most out of this course you should do at least one other practice session per week in your own time. It assumes no knowledge and will give an introduction to the essentials of modern yoga practice. Asana - the physical postures. Pranayama - yogic breathwork. Meditative practices - deep relaxation, guided meditation, mantra and more.One class a week for 10 weeksDuration is 75 minutes.Cost is $150 for the term, payable in advance.Please contact Mark to be sent enrollment details.If you are not sure or have any questions at all, use the contact form or email or phone 0400 883 299. If not answered immediately please leave a message, I will call you back.

If you will be enrolling in the Beginner's Course you may complete the enrolment Health Questionnaire online to save time. Before your first class your teacher will discuss your answers with you.