Yoga Class Timetable

10:00 am
5:30 pm


Beginner's Yoga Class:


1 hour 15 m long. For those with no knowledge of yoga or wishing to restart after a long break. Completion of a Term of these classes prepares the student for progressive intermediate class attendance.

Yoga Fusion Class:

Two classes in one. 1 hour 30 m long. Classes consist of a period of yin yoga postures suitable for all and very accessible for those seeking a gentle practice or who are quite restricted. At the end of this period - 45 to 50 minutes - students may leave or stay for a more energetic hatha/vinyasa practice for the remainder of the class. Concludes with a deep relaxation or meditation practice.

Yin yoga style allows for tensioning of deep tissues using gravity to improve joint mobility and tissue and bone health. Postures are held for a number of minutes and focus given to the breath and full relaxation of the muscles. For the second part of the class postures will be performed in hatha style and vinyasa flows to improve strength, mobility and aerobic capacity. Students have the option to vary the speed or energy with which they take the postures, of course.

The aim is to cater for all levels of ability while offering the full range of benefits.


All classes are $15 per class. No eftpos available.

Please note:

All students are required to complete contact details and a health questionnaire before their first class (allow an extra 10 minutes to complete and discuss with the instructor). Students can also complete the form here, link below.

Please be at any class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Mats and other accessories are available for use, but feel free to bring your own as well.

Health Questionnaire:

You may complete the enrolment Health Questionnaire online to save time. Before your first class your teacher will discuss your answers with you.