The Sanctuary

Wellbeing. Yoga.

many paths, one destination

follow your bliss

Every human being seeks happiness.

But the question for all of us is, what is the path to true happiness?

Happiness that lasts, no matter what life brings us.

It can be hard to see the way forward, to know how to reach that goal.



The first step on that path is to know one’s true nature.

To begin to explore the truth that we are body, mind and spirit.

The Sanctuary is here to help you on your unique path of self-exploration . . .

With knowledge, insights and encouragement that will support and strengthen you on your way.

But you must take responsibility for your happiness into your own hands.

Your path. It must always be your own path. There is no other way.

Oneness with Spirit, our deep desire. A clear mind, servant of our will. A healthy body, the vessel of our Being . . .

Whatever the details of the journey, these must surely be what we all need to take with us, if we hope to succeed.

How far you go, is up to you . . .